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1. Before you Begin with Shop Floor Insight

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This document is intended as a quick install guide for getting Shop Floor Insight to work with Business Central. This is not a comprehensive install guide and does not cover all configuration or setup options. Field level help is available in our support portal for review and download.

Shop Floor Insight has both a Business Central app component, as well as a separate installer for an on-premise component for barcode scanning. Scheduling an installation and training with your Microsoft Partner, or Insight Works representative is recommended.

This document will not review all possible setup options, but instead provide a quick overview of important setup required to configure Shop Floor Insight on a technical level and perform a technical smoke test of the entire system. Training and a full installation can be scheduled with your Insight Works representative.

Architecture Overview

Shop Floor Insight has a Business Central app for configuration, reviews, and approvals. The barcode scanning shop floor interface has a separate component that is installed on-premise. This component will be installed by your Insight Works or available from your Microsoft Partner. This document will not cover the installation of the barcode scanning interface.

Shop Floor Insight

The Shop Floor interface, used for barcode scanning, requires an on-premise component and looks like this:

Shop Floor Insight Time Card

The Business Central side of Shop Floor Insight looks like this:


Business Central Licensing Considerations

If you plan on using manufacturing in Business Central then you need to have the ‘Premium’ license enabled for your company, and for the users performing setup, as well as the users for the system. If you do not plan on using Manufacturing, and instead only the Business Central ‘Jobs’ then you do not need to have Premium enabled on your Business Central license. Contact your Microsoft partner for advice on premium licensing.

A Business Central device license provided by Microsoft can be used for the scanning stations. Alternatively named users for workers can be used. The Shop Floor interface does not provide the ability to post documents, you will use the Business Central interface with a full license to approve and post time, consumption, and output.

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