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Canada Post has a complicated third party billing procedure that requires your account to be authorized to bill them. To do this, you may need to have separate Canada Post accounts configured that will have billing from the third party enabled. To do this, you must follow the below steps:

You must be able to ship from Canada Post in the following fashion. Please note that (1), (2), and (3) are all values you will need later.

Electronic Shipping Tools

To Configure a new 3rd Party Account:

     1. Go to the CanadaPost registration page
     2. Create a business profile.
     3. Complete the form.
     4. Choose Enterprise for the profile type.
     5. Enter the Customer number and Contract number of the third party you want to bill.
     6. Confirm registration.
     7. While remaining logged in, browse to the following page.
     8. In the navigation bar on the left, select Developer Program.
     9. Select “join now”.
     10. The production api key and password will be required for the below steps.

You should then have the following view, where 4 is the API key you will need to use for the account.

API Keys

Adding those account details to EasyPost must be done manually via curl or another method. You can download curl here. The program will be run from within “curl-7.67.0-win64-mingw\bin\curl.exe”.

The following curl command can be used. Be sure to use the same customer (1) and contract number (2) that you used above. If necessary, please pad these to 10 digits with leading zeros. The api key (4) should be entered without the colon being bordered by spaces, so abc:def.

curl -X POST ^

-d “carrier_account[type]=CanadaPostAccount” ^
-d “carrier_account[description]=OPTIONAL” ^
-d “carrier_account[credentials][customer_number]=10DIGITS” ^
-d “carrier_account[credentials][contract_id]=10DIGITS” ^
-d “carrier_account[credentials][api_key]=USER:PASS” ^
-d “carrier_account[credentials][has_credit_card]=false” ^
-d “carrier_account[credentials][not_platform]=true” ^
–cacert curl-ca-bundle.crt

Once the account is added, you will need to pass the Paid-By-Number (3) in the “Bill Third Party Account No.” field of the Package Options and/or Package Options Template. If necessary, please pad it to 10 digits with leading zeros.

Dynamic Ship Package Option Card

If you require assistance adding your account to EasyPost, please contact us at

If you have issues adding your account to Canada Post, please contact your Canada Post account representative.

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