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5. Configure Paycodes in Shop Floor Insight

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Paycodes need to be defined before Shop Floor Activities. Paycodes must match the paycodes in your payroll system by name if you plan on exporting time from Shop Floor Insight to your payroll system or calculating overtime.

The initial setup wizard will also pre-configure example common paycodes for regular time, overtime, etc.…

If you do not intend on calculating overtime or exporting time to your payroll system you still need a paycode.

To represent time on a card that is unpaid, but not exported to your payroll system, simply create a paycode called ‘Unpaid’, and make sure ‘Export’ is turned off, or configure your payroll system to ignore unpaid pay codes.

Search for “Shop Floor Paycode”

Configure Paycodes

In the following list, enter all paycodes used by your payroll system


For each paycode:

  • “Code” should represent the paycode in your payroll system.
  • “Description” should be a usable description to understand the purpose of the paycode.
  • “Source Description” is information only, and an additional reference to your payroll system if necessary.
  • “Export” should be checked if you plan on exporting time with this paycode.
  • “Overtime Factor” should be supplied only if you have “Post Overtime Costs” configured on your Shop Floor Setup page.
  • For all time that has a multiplier of “1”, make sure to enter “1” in the overtime factor, and not blank, not zero, otherwise your costs could be inadvertently zeroed out.
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