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8. Configure Shop Floor Employees in Shop Floor Insight

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Make sure that your user has special function permissions before you proceed with configuration documented in this section, otherwise you might not be able to see any employees that you create.

Shop Floor Employees need to exist for:

  • Any worker using the Shop Floor interface.
  • Any approver.
  • Any person posting time.

A Shop Floor Employee connects to a Business Central resource record, or a Business Central employee record.


  • Setting up a “Shop Floor Employee” requires you to first create either a Resource, or Employee in Dynamics Business Central for each Shop Floor user.
  • You then create a Shop Floor Employee and link them to the same Resource or Employee.
  • Only add Shop Floor Employees that will be using Shop Floor Insight. Un-blocked Shop Floor employees are counted towards your Insight Works license.

Minimum fields that need to be defined:

Field What it Does When You Need It
Name Name of the Shop Floor Employee Always
Source Type Whether the Shop Floor Employee refers to a Resource or Employee Always
Source No. The Resource or Employee Always
Default Shift Pattern The default shift of the worker. Always
User ID A reference to the Business Central User ID for this employee. All Supervisors.
All Time Approvers.
All Shop Floor users that need special permissions such as creating QI inspections or using the drag and drop scheduler.
All Shop Floor users that will also be using the Business Central or Role Tailored Client.

You can create Shop Floor Employees with three different approaches:

  •  Option 1 – Create Individually
    • Useful for onboarding individuals in existing installations.
  • Option 2 – Create with “Create From Template” tool
    • Useful for initial setup or mass on-boarding of individuals.
  • Option 3 – Create with Rapidstart
    • Useful for initial setup, planning with Excel, and migrating data between companies or systems.

Navigate to Shop Floor Employees.

Shop Floor Insight Navigation

Choose “New” to create a new employee. You may see example employees

Shop Floor Employee List

Enter the employee number in the No. field.

The number can be auto-generated but should match the Business Central Employee or Resource number when possible. If the employee reference is different than the payroll system reference for the employee, then that must be defined in the “Export ID” section in the “Payroll” group.

The “Default Shift Pattern” must be defined.

The “User ID” must be defined for all supervisors, and any user of the system that will also be reviewing their time cards in Business Central.

Shop Floor Employee Card

Additional Setup for Overtime and Exporting Time to Payroll

If you will be calculating overtime or exporting time to a payroll system, the navigate to the “Payroll” section. Full configuration of calculating overtime and exporting to payroll is outside the scope of this document, and typically requires additional training.


Choose “Export Time”.

Choose an appropriate Payroll Configuration code. Contact Insight Works for training on this topic.

If the payroll system has a different reference for the employee, then in the “Export ID” section, but in the reference for the payroll system.

Additional Setup for Supervisors and Approvers

All Approvers and Supervisors must have their “User ID” configured on their Shop Floor Employee Card.

The approval hierarchy typically defines who is allowed to review and approve other time cards.

The hierarchy can be configured from either the perspective of the supervisor or the worker.

To configure from the perspective of the supervisor, edit the Shop Floor Employee card for the supervisor and choose “Manages”

Employee Card

In the next screen choose “Manages Type” of “Employee”, and “Manages No.” to reference the individual employee that the person manages.

Time Card Approval Mapping

If the supervisor is also allowed to edit comments, or changes times on their workers time cards, then also navigate to “Function Permissions” and allow the individual functions for that supervisor.

Shop Floor Function Permission

Note, that if “Post” is checked, then the person will be able to review, change, and post time cards for anybody in the system.

Approvers also have the option of using an optional role center. To access this, the supervisor can edit their settings.


In “Role Center” the supervisor can choose “Shop Floor Insight Approver” as the role center.

Available Role Centers

The Shop Floor Insight Approver role center provides optimized menus and KPIs to help with managing and approving time.

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