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4. Configure Special Permissions in Shop Floor Insight

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Shop Floor Insight provides the ability to fine tune functional permissions with both standard Business Central permission sets, as well as with a ‘Function Permissions’ feature.

Function Permissions

Navigate to “Shop Floor Function Permissions”

Function Permissions

Make sure that you have a row for your own user and ensure to check all boxes while you are configuring the system.
The required entries should be:

  • An entry for yourself if you are configuring the system.
  • An entry for every individual that will be configuring Shop Floor Insight
  • An entry for the device service account that will be used for the Shop Floor Insight to connect to Business Central web services.

For these required entries, check all available boxes.

Optional entries with reduced sets can exist for supervisors. For example, if a supervisor is allowed to change lines or comments on a time card for a worker that they supervise, then ensure that supervisor has an entry with just those checkboxes.

Shop Floor Function Permission

Permission Sets

Shop Floor Insight installs six different permission sets when the Business Central extension is installed.

Permission Sets

SFI-POST should be assigned to anybody who will be posting time cards.

SFI-QUALITY should be assigned to anybody who will be configuring, designing, and analyzing Quality Inspections.

SFI-SERVICE needs to be assigned to the service account user.

SFI-SETUP should be assigned to users that will be performing setup of Shop Floor Insight.

SFI-SAFETY is intended for on-premise versions of Shop Floor Insight only.

These permission sets are not exclusive permissions sets, make sure to also include the appropriate permission sets required for the functionality required by the role. For example, basic access still needs to be granted to all users. If a person will be posting time to a Job, the they will need a permission set in Business Central that provides that capability.

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