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1. Configuring PrintNode

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PrintNode is the default API supported by Insight Works PrintNode Connector. Before the add-on can be utilized in Business Central you must first register an account with PrintNode, download and install the client, and create an API key.

Register an account with PrintNode

To register an account with PrintNode you must sign up on their site: https://app.printnode.com/login/register

Download and install the PrintNode client

Once an account has been registered, download the client: https://www.printnode.com/en/download

Once the client has been downloaded, install the client on the computer(s) connected to the printer(s) which will be used to directly print reports. When installing the client, you will be prompted for credentials, these are the same credentials for the account registered in the previous step.

Create an API Key

Once the client has been installed you must create an API key. This is done from the PrintNode website, sign in using the account previously registered, click the API Keys link, and create a new API key.

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