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How to Bill Shipping Fees to a Customers Account

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Please note that alternate billing (receiver, third party, and collect) may not be successful while using a test API key. Not all carrier’s test servers will support it as this is often tied to billing functionality. To test this, you will need to temporarily switch to a production key. Please refund generated labels via easypost.

There are three ways a customer’s shipping account can be billed.

1. On an order to order basis
a) Open an order in the Package Worksheet
b) Start packing the order.
c) Open “Package Options” for the first package (numerically) in the order.

Dynamic Ship Package Worksheet

d) In the Package Options, scroll down to the Additional tab. There’s a grouping for Alternate Billing.

Dynamic Ship Package Option Card - LP00287

e) Enter the account number into the Bill Receiver/Third Party fields. UPS requires the Post Code and two digit ISO standard Country Code as well.

2. Automatically via the Customer Options and a Package Options Template
a) Open “Package Option Templates” from the Dynamic Ship department page.
b) Create a new entry.

Dynamic Ship Package Option Card

c) The Template Code and/or Description can be used to help identify which customer the template is for.
d) Follow the above steps d and e from 1.
e) Open the Customer Options from the department page.
f) Create a new entry for the customer and set the Package Options Template Code to the just created entry.

Dynamic Ship Customer Options

g) Note that entries can be configured per Ship-To Code and/or per Shipping Agent Code. When Use As Default is configured, it will always apply those Customer Options when nothing more specific is found. More details can be found within this solution.
h) When you create a new package in the Package Worksheet, these options will be automatically applied.

3. Programmatically
a) If these details are already stored elsewhere in NAV and you do not wish to transition the data to our tables, the process can be automated with code.
b) This requires using the Dynamic Ship extensibility, or the NAV event onAfterInsert for the table DSHIP Package Options (23044608).
c) Please ask your partner for more details.

When you make a label request with bill receiver or third party, the carriers indicate this on the first label:


Labels for multiple boxes may show this only on the first box.

3rd party billing is not to be confused with “FedEx Ground Collect” which does not use an account number and is not available on any other carriers or services.

“UPS Consignee” does not use a bill to receiver account so it is not supported.

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