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How to Enable and Use The External Rate Entry

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There are several steps that must be followed to enable the External Rate Entry.

1. Add the External Rate Entry to the Freight Integration Providers as shown below. “Execution Order” can be any value you choose.

Dynamic Ship Freight Integration Providers

2. Add a default carrier to use. This is the carrier that will always be shown for selection. Additional external carriers can be added after, each with unique account IDs.

Dynamic Ship Carrier List

3. Add a service for said carrier. As above, this is the service that will always be shown.

Dynamic Ship Carrier Services

4. When executing “Get Label”, the rate selection page will now populate the following entry.

Carrier Name

5. Selecting the entry will lead to the following page to allow entry of any carrier/service and its associated costs.

Edit Dynamic Ship

6. Other Carriers can be added to use the External Rate Entry page, however they should all have unique account IDs. One must have the externalcarrier ID.

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