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Improving Posting Performance and Reducing Locking

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There are several settings in Inventory Setup and General Ledger setup that need to be reviewed when multiple users are required to post shipments and other inventory transactions simultaneously:

Inventory Setup

The “Automatic Cost Posting” and “Automatic Cost Adjustment” settings do is cause the system to perform a number of background posting and record locking tasks when an inventory transaction is posted, which can cause locking errors very quickly when multiple users are posting simultaneously.

If you’re posting transactions through Warehouse Insight from the handhelds or relying on data that may be locked, it’s possible that these locking errors could manifesting as “bad data” or locking errors.

If your environment relies on multiple people posting inventory transactions simultaneously, the recommended settings are to turn off “Automatic Cost Posting” and set “Automatic Cost Adjustment” to “Never”. You can change those at any time without issue.

If you turn off “Automatic Cost Posting”, also turn off “Use Legacy G/L Table Locking” in the “General Ledger Setup” – when that setting is enabled it will also create more table locks and potential performance issues than necessary (it’s called “legacy” for a reason – the non-legacy approach is significantly faster).

Once those settings have been changed, you will need to perform the cost adjustment and posting periodically. You can schedule the cost adjustment to run nightly (or weekly or monthly) using the “Adjust Cost – Item Entries” batch job. You can post the inventory costs to the G/L periodically using the “Post Inventory Cost to G/L” report. Unfortunately, you can’t schedule the “post to G/L” report without doing a modification, so this is a manual step, often only done at month end.

Note: there is another setting in Inventory Setup called “Expected Cost Posting” that shows up if you hit the “Show more” link. Do not turn that off if it has previously been turned on or you may end up with a large amount of cleanup work to do in the G/L.

Changing these settings can have a significant impact on overall system performance, including Warehouse Insight performance on the handhelds.

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