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2. Installing Shop Floor Insight

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Shop Floor Insight is available in Microsoft AppSource for Business Central SaaS. For on-premise installations of Business Central a “.app” file will be provided to your Microsoft Partner or Insight Works representative to install.

When the Shop Floor Insight app is installed, it will show up in Extension Management.

Installing the App

Sandbox Testing

If you are installing or testing the app in a sandbox, make sure to allow the add-on has “Allow HttpClient Requests” enabled:

Extension Settings

After installation the Business Manager role centered will be altered to show to include the “Shop Floor Insight” menu, as well as helpful headlines to guide you in your installation experience.

Shop Floor Setup Wizard

The Shop Floor Setup Wizard is intended to be used once, after install. The wizard will automatically import a ‘getting started’ rapidstart as well as perform web service integration.

Search for “Shop Floor Setup Wizard”

Shop Floor Setup Wizard

Agree to the terms and conditions and choose “Next”.

Shop Floor Insight Setup Wizard

If you have a trusted Microsoft Partner who is an Insight Works reseller, then you can change the “Contact” to a registered Insight Works reseller. If you are uncertain, or just testing the system, or do not have a Microsoft Partner, or they are not available in the Insight Works reseller list, then choose “Insight Works”.

Insight Works

You will be asked if you will be performing setup. This will automatically add your current user into a special configuration page called “Function Permissions”. This can be changed later on the “Function Permissions” page if necessary. Click “Next”.

Shop Floor Insight

A rapidstart file will automatically download and apply. Web services will also automatically be configured. While this is happening, you will see a progress dialog similar to the below. This can take a few minutes.

Shop Floor Insight

After the setup is complete you will receive a “Setup Successful” page. Click ‘Finish’ at this point.

Setup Successful
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