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3. Registering Shop Floor Insight

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Registration of the app is necessary for all Business Central cloud use of Shop Floor Insight.

The app must be installed before registration is possible. Make sure to install the app on your Business Central tenant prior to requesting registration.

If you are in a Sandbox, and not your actual tenant, then you must also make sure that all of your Insight Works add-ons have the ability to make HTTP Requests. This is configured in your ‘Extension Management Page’.

You also need to have a TCM_MES_License.txt file provided by Insight Works for the on-premise component that provides the barcode scanning interface.

Time limited demonstration licenses are available upon request.

When you’re ready to register search for “Insight Works Registration”

Insight Works Registration

You will be presented with a page that has a “License ID” and will summarize some Insight Works apps that you have installed on your tenant.

If you have already contacted your Insight Works representative or Insight Works reseller then click “Retrieve Registration” to update your current registration details from our secure registration database.

If you have not yet contacted your Insight Works representative, then you will need to contact with your “License ID”. After your registration is configured, you will then need to use the “Retrieve Registration” action underneath the “Actions” option to retrieve your registration.

Insight Works Registration Detail
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