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The “Scratchpad” application is an “Offline Application” and can be used to gather various information.

Core features of this application include:

  • Ability to capture entries for various documents, including counts
  • Offline data capture
  • Processing of entries in NAV

You can access the Scratchpad application from the Home screen by clicking the “Scratchpad” link.


When launched the Scratchpad page will be displayed.

Note: Further information about Offline Applications may be obtained from the NAV Help and Support Portal.

Scratchpad Document

When the Scratchpad link is pressed the Scratchpad application page will look like so:

Callout ID Description

The available menu options:

  • Close
  • Add
  • Modify
  • Delete
  • Send
2 The currently unsent entries
Extensibility: You may modify the columns and behavior by modifying the Offline Application “SCRATCHPAD” in NAV.


The following menus are available for all Offline Applications.

Close (Menu)

Closes the Offline Application and brings the user back to the Main page.

Entries as per all Offline Applications will be save/persisted on the device until sent to NAV.

Add (Menu)

Prompts the user to enter data. See Creating Entries for more information.

Modify (Menu)

Allows the user to edit the entry details.

Delete (Menu)

Allows the user to delete the selected entry.

Send (Menu)

Sends the current entries to NAV to be stored in the “Scratchpad Entries” table.

Once completed the entries will be cleared.

Creating Entries

The Scratchpad application follows the standard Offline Applications in that the fields requested/prompted for are configured in the Offline Application definition in NAV.

When the user presses the “Add” menu the following dialogs will be presented, in sequence:

  • Category

Allows users to specify the high level category this entry belongs to.


The configured options are:

    • Receiving
    • Shipping
    • Consumption
    • Pick
    • Put
    • Move
    • Other
    • Inventory Count
Note: This dialog will not be show for subsequent entries and instead new entries will retain the previously entered value.
  • Document No.

Allows users to enter the relevant document number these entries belong to.

Note: This dialog will not be show for subsequent entries and instead new entries will retain the previously entered value.
  • Bin Code

Allows users to enter the Bin for the entry.

  • Item

Allows users to enter the Item for the entry.

Item Barcode
Note: The entry will be run against the Barcode Rules in NAV when the entry is sent to NAV.
  • Quantity

Allows users to enter the Quantity for the entry.

  • Comment

Allows users to enter a Comment for the entry.


Processing Scratchpad Entries

After the Scratchpad Entries have been sent to NAV from the handheld they can be further processed.

Scratchpad Entries

The entries contain all the information present at the time of the scanning. If the “Item No.”, “Lot No.” or “Serial No.” fields are blank but there is a “Barcode” you can use the “Decode Items” menu option to try and determine the missing information from the barcode using the existing barcode rules.

Decode Items

There are typically two ways to process the scratchpad entries. The first method is to process the entries manually. In this scenario the NAV user will review each entry and take the appropriate actions. This could mean updating NAV documents to reflect the scans taken, creating new documents as needed or any number of other activities.

The second method is to utilize the “Process” menu option.


The Process action will attempt to process each entry in the scratchpad. For most entries this entails finding a corresponding document (based on Category and Job ID) and then from there locating a line with a matching Item No.

If a line can be found the quantity to ship/receive/handle will be updated by the amount indicated on the entry and any tracking information set. The exception to this is Inventory Counts where if a matching line cannot be found it will create the entry.

If the scratchpad entry was successfully processed the “State” will be set to “Processed”. If the entry cannot be processed a dialog will be displayed to the user asking if processing should continue or stop.

Dynamic NAV

If the “Ignore this Entry” option is selected the entry “State” will be set to “Ignore” and processing will continue.

If the “Stop All Processing” option is selected the entry “State” will be left blank and no further entries will be processed.

Note: The Decode Items routine will be automatically run when the Process menu option is pressed.

If the default processing rules are insufficient for your needs, there exists an option to implement your own processing logic. The custom processing logic is defined in a codeunit and specified in the Warehouse Insight Setup “Scratchpad Processing Codeunit”.

Scratchpad Processing Codeunit
Note: More information and examples of creating a custom processing codeunit can be found on the customer Support Portal.
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