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6. User Logins

Each user must sign into the handhelds. The sign in information is combination of the User ID and Web Service API Key (password). To check your user login credentials, navigate to “Users” in Business Central.

Users Lists

Create Web Service Key

If the user does not already have a Web Service Key press the “Change Web Service Key” action option at the top of the “User” page.

Web Service Access Key

Turn of the expiration date requirement and press “OK”.

This will generate a unique API key (password) for the user than can be copied and save for later reference.

Note: The API key is case sensitive and must be entered exactly as shown on the device for successful sign in.

User Permissions

Each user must have appropriate permission in Business Central to perform the operation requests on the devices.
It is advisable to give each user at least the following two additional permission sets:

  • WHI – ALL

These permission sets will be created when the Warehouse Insight extension is installed and contain access to most/all of the pages, tables, reports, etc. included in the extension.

Note: You can further customize the permissions to reduce the access granted if required.
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